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I am sure you would have taken huge list of suggestions from your family, relatives and acquaintances. All you have to out to yourself is a single question-“How experienced is a person to answer my question?” The one you are taking suggestions from might have bought a house or two in the past. But this is no longer past, and the market is no longer the same! Also buying a house or two is not so called experience right! We are here to provide you the present statistics and give you the best experience in the new track you are stepping in. Buying a house is difficult. Yes, right! But we are here to change that to a sentence of happiness with a “not” in it! It’s not difficult.

Enquire as much as you can. Do it to your fullest extent. Shortlist all you think are best suitable for you. Choose those that fit appropriately in your budget. But, don’t let others thoughts invade you. Don’t let the pressure in their words affect your brain. The majestic change that is going to come in your life let it in with happiness, not discontent. Before taking any decision, mind your family! This house will be a happy home only if all those who are going to live with you are happy with the place. Plethora of prerequisites is there for everyone from smallest kid to the oldest grandma. Before surfing a thousand websites for suggestions, spend at least a little time in taking advices and suggestions from your family members.

It’s the work of your heart and head equally. Use your heart initially to search for a house that pulls you in. If you do this with your head, it always tells you to choose a cheaper one. Always, I mean ALWAYS! Of course let your head involve in this, but, don’t let it to lead throughout. Once you are done making a choice, yes! It’s time for some “head” work. Now, make wise decisions in making the pay for your future asset. Negotiate it as much as you can. It’s your right to do it. Once done negotiating, you are done. Yet, the actual work waits!

Connectivity with the world, with the facilities, with the market, with the infrastructure stands a major aspect in one’s life. If your child’s school is an hour far off your house, Imagine! So, this is an of course detail that you have to take care. Making yourself connected to the entertainment of the city simplifies your life by minimising the tensions right!

Greenery in the place of living calms your mind increasing the positive vibrations around you. It not only provides a pleasant environment but also good amounts of oxygen. I always dreamt of a house in such a beautiful scenic location, I ‘m sure you did too! A place where your kids love to play and where your parents love to go for a walk. You need to satisfy everyone right! Well, satisfying yourself includes.

Another major aspect is the home loan. Some of you may not need it but surely do! You need to be very certain with this issue. Because, without this the dream of buying a house may never come true. Pick a bank that supports you, but not solely its business.

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